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Fun but frustrating

This game is fun, but can be seen by many people as too frustrating...(Me lol) Tne time limit really adds the pressure to complete the level and 10 lives is really not enough. With that aside, level design is excellent and the background music is good too, although you maybe could have added a more suspenseful style like a heart beating...that would be cool xD.
Anyway i'll give it a 6.

Stupid game

This game is pathetic, all you do is kill birds, and it doesn't give any reward whatsoever. WTF? I was just pressing A all the time and it got so repetitive. However, the flash animations are great, and music is decent. I wouldn't play this game again though.

IMPROVEMENTS - Add Sound Effects - E.g when you cut birds with that machete thing.
I'll give it a 4

Extremely entertaining

One of the best games i've reviewed so far, i like the comments at the end lol. Very funny, sound effects are fantastic and music also, the physics, don't even get me started, Its a rag doll game, so enough said. Could have had more variety, like health dropping to regenerate your legs when they get decapitated lmao. Also, i would have liked it if you could get cut up much more and still be alive, anyways, this game is awesome, of the best ragdoll games xD i give it 9.

Well Done

I like this game a lot, you've made the presentation very good, animations are smooth and satisfying, i was going crazy on this game trying to avoid everything lol, to improve, maybe add more variety, the level design isn't too impressive, maybe add more obstacles and checkpoints. ill give it a 7. Also, try adding more bosses and levels. Music was great. Keep it up. xD


I remember playing this game a year ago, it's still providing a lot of fun lol. I like the use of speech, the comments made me laugh with the 'posh' accent xD. The effects are good, but animations could have been better, e.g when the ball hits the keeper or opposite player, he just collapses in one frame. However, the number of options, i.e swerve, pitch etc. provide enough entertainment. Im'a give it a 8 :P

Has potential

Although the presentation doesn't give a great impression, gameplay is tolerable. The control scheme is pretty lame though, you should have made the game at a slower pace. The AI, is OK, the goalkeeper rushes out occasionally and I like how you've given the option to select the number of goals and players in the match. Fair use of music and mediocre sound effects.

Maybe, change font style, tweak controls a little bit so mouse use is easier. There is a lot of stuff you could add to make this game amazing, be creative! xD

I'll give it a 7. :P

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Surprisingly Genius

This is a game i spent 1 hour playing on...just to unlock everything lol. Yes I got addicted. I just loved blowing George Bush up with missiles. Wow, what a game. Physics are the best i've ever seen in a flash game, it almost makes 'Crysis' look weak (Joke) graphics are superb and the gameplay is crazy. One thing i think you should add is the skins...maybe Paris Hilton, Osama Bin Laden...someone like that would do nicely.

Im giving it a 9 because its so super addictive.


Oh My God. This game completely has everything you could ever want in a flash version of Portal. The use of gravity is 100% accurate and Presentation is superb, from the hints that are given in the opening levels to the level design itself, which compares amazingly to the real game. Music is fantastic and really adds to build some suspense.
The only problem i saw visible was that the character doesn't ever turn his body around and always faces the direction of the door. However i'm still going to give it a 9.

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Basic, unimpressive gameplay

First off, physics are near disaster zone. The colors used are ridiculous e.g you have super bright green on the second level. Poor Designs on the bikes, pressing the spacebar to flip the bike sideways isn't too convincing. What does 'E' stand for? 'End'? I've played this game before exactly the same. You've edited it haven't you? The gameplay is so bland and boring. Better luck next time. second worst game i've reviewed so far.

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Decent Presentation, however option text could have been made in a more readable color. Great animations, especially the blood pouring out of the mouth. The controls are slightly below average, im used to moving with the right and left arrows but its no real deal, i got used to it after a minute lol. The basic idea is brilliant, i hope there will be a sequel. I'm gonna give it an 8. xD

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